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Rebecca Kopec:  Disappointed by the small number of strong female roles, especially for character actresses, Rebecca decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own.  Continuously surrounded by incredibly talented friends in all aspects of the industry, she also wanted to give them the opportunity to shine.  


Currently, Rebecca is in post-production for Just Super, a female buddy comedy with superpowers, and once a month she gets to play with some of the most talented, giving actors and writers she’s ever come across at Project Theater’s OUR BAR .  It has helped her to be more creative, bold, think quicker on her feet, and has helped foster her voice as a writer. As an actor and collaborator, she likes telling stories full of both comedy and heart.  Her favorite tales to tell are the ones that make you laugh one second and have you tearing up the next; pieces that people can connect with and related to.


To her, connection is the most important aspect of art. She eventually plans on opening a production company utilizing women in every position to make our voices heard. And make people laugh.  And cry a little, too.  

Actor/Writer/ Singer/Producer

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